ISLAMABAD - Like all and sundry, capital market players, too, are pinning high hopes on the meeting between President Asif Ali Zardari and PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif scheduled for Monday (today). Investors and traders were of unanimous view that the two leaders success in resolving major differences between their parties (PPP and PML-N) would yield positive sentiment for stocks. If the meeting fails in achieving the anticipated political harmony, it would be disastrous for the stock market that was already in a bearish grip due to security reasons, a leading broker in Islamabad observed requesting anonymity. Though PML-N leader Khawaja Asif was not anticipating any breakthrough in the meeting, political sources revealed that the two parties had already agreed on a trade-off between the NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) and the 18th Constitutional Amendment. Latest wave of terror across the country has already cost the local stocks market over seven percent during the week ending Friday last. Even the constant interest on part of the foreign fund managers failed to give the market a breather during the week under review. Initially the pundits termed it a downward technical correction in the overbought market. However, the market losing over four percent in one go on Monday last proved those calling it a technical correction as wrong. Traders disagreeing with the pundits said it was a bearish assault rather than a simple technical correction. The bears have captured the market exploiting the panic like sentiment across the trading floors due to one after another strike by the terrorists throughout the country. Internal strengths of the market resisted the bearish onslaught during the following session. The bulls, however, failed to break the grip of the bears and the market could recover only one-thirds of the loss it had faced during the preceding session. As the law and order deterioration continued in the wake of ongoing army operation in South Waziristan, the bears recaptured the market by midweek. Equities again lost over three percentiles in one session that was on Wednesday last. Foreign players interest staying intact, however, protected the market from further falling in panic. During the second last session of the week under review, the trade witnessed divergent pull. Bears, however, maintained their sway over the market that lost another percentile on Thursday last. Upward technical correction finally barred the bears to plummet the market further. Therefore, mixed sentiment was witnessed on the last session of the week that was on Friday last. Net calculations of the markets performance during the week under review, indicated that the market lost 7.6 percent during the week that was alarming especially for the small investors. Some positive outcome of the much-trumpeted meeting between President Zardari and the PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif might appease the sentiment of the stock traders. But the stocks would require improvement in the law and order situation to come out of the current bearish syndrome. Pundits were, therefore, with fingers crossed in predicting the future direction of the market. They also underlined the security threats marring the equities potential to gain strength even after the anticipated rapprochement between the two major political forces in the country namely the PPP and the PML-N.