ISLAMABAD (AFP/Reuters) Army said Sunday troops after intense efforts had captured an important mountain in a major anti-Taliban offensive in South Waziristan. Today after intense engagements security forces secured the significant mountain top of Tarkona Narai after an effort lasting 16 hours, the military said in a statement. Troops advanced further on militant positions a day after overrunning Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsuds hometown of Kotkai, securing important ridges, it said. In last 24 hours, 15 terrorists have been killed during security forces operation in South Waziristan. Security forces losses are one soldier martyred and three injured, the statement said. Pakistan launched the offensive in the semi-autonomous South Waziristan region on October 17 and the army says nearly 200 militants and some two dozen troops have been killed since then. The latest bombardment in the week-old offensive was against militant bases in the three villages of Sam, Badr and Ladha, government and security officials said. It was intense bombing and later helicopter gunships attacked, said an intelligence agency official who declined to be identified. Soldiers are advancing on the militants main stronghold area from three directions.