Eng. Khursheed Anwar has tried to get the attention of rulers to the vital need of KBD by elaborating the various aspects of the case but it appears all his sane reasoning falls on deaf ears of our rulers. They fail to see the timely warnings sounded by professional engineers like Eng. Shams-ul-Mulk and Khursheed Anwar and are smugly busy in their goings here and there like the proverbial monkey who jumped from one branch to another in emergent times. While the World Bank needs NOC from India to fund Diamir Bhasha dam being located according to them in a disputed area what prevents us from building KBD in our own area? The worst example of provincial bias is shown by smaller provinces against Punjab in opposing KBD. They forget that Punjab is food basket of Pakistan. Kebab and roti is provided by Punjab to all while sans KBD even Dal roti would be in jeopardy. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, October25.