KARACHI (INP) - Pakistan has bought the American ALQ-211 Advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suite (AIDEWS) pod for F-16 fighters, said a report. The ALQ-211 allows the aircraft to detect radar, jamming and laser signals hitting the aircraft as well as the presence of chemical weapons. It provides some jamming of its own, and assistance on where the signal is coming from, so the pilot can move the aircraft away from the threat, said the report published in a US magazine. ALQ-211 is also installed in helicopters, but not as a pod. Rather, the individual components are installed in the helicopter where space is available. Components of ALQ-211 are programmable so that the system can quickly be updated for newly-discovered enemy equipment. Pakistan will receive ALQ-211 (Version 9), which costs about $3.5 million per pod, the report added. Defence analysts expressed hope that purchasing of ALQ-211 AIDEWS technology from US would help in further boosting the air defence of the country.