JHANG The Jamaat-e-Islami general secretary said that early elections were possible only if all the political parties united on the issue but the JI would never support any extra-constitutional change under the pressure of any external power. Addressing a large gathering at Al-Ghazali Academy here, Liaqat Baloch stated that the opposition parties had so far played a role of friendly opposition to deceive the masses. As a result, he added, the PPP government had badly failed in protecting sovereignty of Pakistan, putting a question mark on the survival of the county. He stated, Pakistan has suffered heavy loss in the war on terror which is not at all our war but it was imposed on us by our enemy under his own agenda for global control and to grab the resources of Islamic countries. The JI leader stressed the need for national unity, saying the Supreme Court had given its verdict on the Karachi issues of target killings, extortion, lawlessness and uncontrolled riots. But, he added, it was not sure that Sindh PPP-MQM government would implement on it in its real sense, alleging that both the allies were equally involved in the riots. He said that the PPP led government under American pressure was indicating to declare India the most favoured nation but his party with the support of 170 million Pakistani would not let the government take this anti-public step. He further said that the government was trying to step up in developing friendly relations with India by freezing the core issue of Kashmir. Liaqat Baloch said that America was trying its level best to make India a controlling power of the region by side-lining Pakistan. He disclosed that Pakistan had to suffer a heavy loss of 70 billion US dollars in the so called war of terror. Moreover, during three year period of the present government, an un-believable corruption of Rs 2500 billion has been recorded.