DIR LOWER - Four people were killed when a roadside planted remote-controlled device hit their vehicle at Shapano Kasai village, Samar Bagh, near Pak-Afgan border on Tuesday, police said. The deceased included Aziz-ur-Rahman, his son Muhammad Tawwab, son-in-law Islam Badshah and neighbour Aminul Haq. Sources said that Aziz-ur-Rahman was being taken to a hospital in Swat for eye operation in his private cab which was hit by the remote-controlled bomb fitted in a pressure cooker. The vehicle completely destroyed in the blast. The family had no enmity with anyone in the area and the district police officer Dir Lower Salim Marwat later during a news conference termed it a terrorist act. He said 10-kg explosive material was used in the blast. He said police arrested three suspected militants during a search operation in the surrounding villages whose names were not disclosed to the media. The DPO said that army uniforms, explosive materials and weapons were also recovered from their possession. He said further interrogation was under way and police expected more disclosures about terrorist activities in the area.