OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - Individual efforts along with availability of education and health facilities to people living in remote areas are required to remove the impact of feudalism in Pakistan, therefore media should highlight such issues to end the feudal system. These views were expressed by the speakers at a seminar titled: 'Political Affects of Feudalism in Pakistan and Role of Media held at Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan on Tuesday. The speakers said that Quaid-e-Azam was against the feudalism and he always talked about the welfare of people through the real democracy. While speaking on the occasion, famous columnist and writer Bushra Rehman said that facilities of education and health to the poor people in rural areas could produce strong individuals who could negate the feudal system and support the real democracy in the country. She further urged the individuals not to adopt the feudal behaviours in their routine life. Owing to the feudalism in Pakistan the writers, poets and other thinkers are not being provided with opportunity of sitting in the assemblies due to which the feudal minds have been ruling over country while catering their own interest instead of serving people in real meanings, she added. Bushra Rehman further said voters were trapped by the feudal system so far and they were forced to cast their votes to such politicians who had manacled them by applying their feudal and cruel mind. Hamid Nizami Press Institute Director Absar Abdul Ali, while speaking on the occasion, said that every feudal behaviour could damage the welfare oriented system and democracy in Pakistan. He said landlord-cum-feudal persons in Pakistan were in minority and majority of people could play its role in negating such people who were promoting feudalism. He said no doubt media was playing its role in pointing out such feudal individuals which were tying to dominate the society. A famous columnist and writer Farrukh Suhail Goindi said that the landlords and feudal persons had been ruling over the country. The print and electronic media should negate the feudal system, he added. He said columnist and writers should not promote and praise those persons who belonged to feudal system.