ISLAMABAD - Our motto is zero-tolerance towards corruption and we need corruption-free judiciary, said Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry while addressing the delegation of Islamabad District Bar Association headed by its President Haroon-ur-Rasheed and other office-bearers, who called on his lordship Tuesday at the Supreme Court building. Talking about the complaints of corruption in paralegal staff, his lordship stressed that corrupt elements must be pinpointed so that corruption can be discouraged and stamped out. Corruption, not only brings bad name for the institution but it also demolishes the image in society. Therefore, Bar must play an active and effective role for eradication of corruption in judiciary because the role of Bar is very important and without the active cooperation of the Bar, nothing can be achieved. Moreover, praising the role of Islamabad District Bar, his lordship added that the Bar has always played an active role and extended effective support to the judiciary for rule of Law and Supremacy of Constitution in the country. The services rendered by the President and office-bearers as well as members of the Islamabad District Bar Association cannot be forgotten because they played vital and important role to achieve the cause of Supremacy of Constitution and rule of Law in society. Further, advising the lawyers, his lordship said that they must utilize all energies to reform and improve functioning of judicial system and leave no stone unturned to address the legal needs of litigant parties and plead their cases to redress their grievances. The delegation paid tributes to the Chief Justice for his lordships untiring efforts to ensure justice at the doorsteps of public at large. The delegation assured of full support and stand by judiciary in time of need. They also invited CJP to visit Islamabad District Bar Association. His lordship conveyed his gratitude, extended his thanks and assured to visit them in the near future.