There is no doubt that the advertising industry in Pakistan has made tremendous progress during the last few years even despite huge economic recession in the country. The daily newspapers are littered with advertisements to such an extent that one has to really search for the news items. The Television ads are so rampant that a movie shown on TV takes five hours to end rather than its original time period of two and a half hours. Similarly a half an hour drama episode takes one hour, rest of the time devoted to ads. We, however, take it in good spirit knowing that this is the major source of income for our television companies which provide us round the clock entertainment and the fact that the TV cable charges in Pakistan are perhaps the lowest in the world. Some thing which disturbs the TV viewers is the quality of these ads. While the imagination level of the TV ad planners touch the sky, their level of wisdom, common sense and realism is at the lowest ebb. Some of the TV ads are flabbergasting. For instance, the consumption of a particular soft drink turns the person into a 'superman who jumps from a high rise building to the other and over the vehicles running on a wide road. Let us pray the day does not come when we read the news that inspired by such an ad an innocent young boy took the drink, jumped from the top of his house and was killed. In another soft-drink ad, a lady driver is shown struck on road because his car battery having run down the vehicle does not start. A young man appears on the scene and offers help. After taking the 'magic drink his body is so energized that he wraps the battery charging cable around his body and asks the girl to apply the self starter. The vehicle takes a second to start. The ad perhaps delivers the message that all vehicle drivers must always keep a can of this 'magic drink for such an eventuality. I am sure we are not a nation of fools. Another ad related to a brand of 'shampoo shows the friends of a person walking in with a damaged car bumper and informing him that his car had fallen in the canal. The owner absolutely unconcerned about the mishap walks to the washing room and takes bath extensively using the advertised shampoo. He comes out in perfect mood and tells his friends, 'the car in any way needed a wash. Analyzing the episode one finds that apart from the unrealistic attitude of the car owner the shampoo in question also had no connection with the whole drama. Let us hope the advertising companies concentrate more on realism than fantasy while producing the television ads. RAFI NASIM Lahore, October 25.