LAHORE At least five gunmen, clad in police uniform, robbed yet another bank in broad daylight and fled away. The 'cops entered a bank in Green Town area, collected Rs4.5 million in cash from the cash-counter and walked away, police sources said on Tuesday. A top police officer said the robbers looked highly trained and professional as it took them just 10 minutes to execute the robbery. The robbers also shot at and wounded a security guard on offering resistance during robbery at Allied Bank Limited, situated near Hamdard Chowk. The brazen bank robbery in the busy locality is said to be the 9th such incident since April this year, as investigators have badly failed to make any breakthrough in this regard. The banks staff told the police that five men clad in police uniforms forced their entry into the branch one-by-one and took out automatic weapons on Tuesday morning. The 'policemen held up the visitors and the bank staff at gunpoint and started looting. One of the gunmen immediately approached the security guard, shot at and wounded him and snatched his gun. The bank guard sustained a bullet in the leg and was rushed to the Jinnah Hospital, where his condition was reported to be out of danger. The dacoits collected Rs4.5 million from the bank and later fled away from the crime scene within a few minutes, sources quoted a bank officer as telling the police investigators. Police reached the spot no less than 40 minutes after the incident took place. The police investigators also collected evidences from the crime scene but they could not get any solid clue to trace the whereabouts of the bandits, sources added. SSP (Operations) Shaukat Abbas told reporters at the crime scene that the robbers gang involved in bank dacoities is highly trained and professional. He also admitted that the police had failed to make any breakthrough as far as such recent bank robberies are concerned. We are working on it. We have some information but at this stage we are clueless, Abbas said. A senior police officer, requesting his name not be revealed, said that apparently it seemed that a gang of trained robbers was involved in all recent bank dacoits. They (bandits) look like Pushtuns who are linked to some militant outfit as the investigators are repeatedly examining the video footage taken from the CCTV cameras, the police officer maintained. According to him, the modus operandi suggested that this very gang was behind all the recent bank dacoities. It will not be out of context to mention here that the administration of all the banks handed over the footage, taken from CCTV cameras installed in the banks, to the police investigators but thy policemen are still groping in the dark as far as investigations are concerned. In above-mentioned bank robbery incident, the bank management has also handed over the video footage to the police, expecting that it could help investigators trace the bandits. The police have registered the case and are investigating with no arrest made so far. On September 6, armed robbers in police uniforms, hit a bank branch in Faisal Town area in broad daylight and took away Rs 3.5 million within minutes. The gunmen in police uniforms had forced their entry into a branch of Faysal Bank located at Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, near Jinnah Hospital and escaped after snatching Rs 3.5 million. Not enough, at least six gunmen, said to be associated with a banned militant outfit linked to Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), had struck another commercial bank in Chuhng police area and fled away after collecting Rs 4 million during daylight dacoity. Meanwhile, at least 10 dacoits equipped with automatic weapons barged into a traders house, situated near the residence of Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Operations Police Lahore and fled away after collecting cash, gold ornaments and other valuables worth Rs 2.5 million in Chuhng police area. Police sources said that at least ten armed men forced their entry into the house of Naveed Arif, situated in Westwood Colony. The bandits held up the family members at gunpoint and took away cash, gold ornaments and other valuables worth Rs 2.5 million. Local residents said that the victims residence is situated near the house of DIG (Operations) Ghulam Mahood Dogar, where a good number of policemen remain on guard round-the-clock.