Claiming that Indias strong-arm tactics had failed to subdue the freedom struggle in Indian Held Kashmir, the chairman of the Hurriyat (G), Syed Ali Shah Geelani has asked New Delhi to conduct a post-mortem of its failed Kashmir policy, and called for a shutdown on October 27 to press for the demilitarization of the region to commemorate the landing of Indian troops here in 1947. For the past six decades, Kashmiris have waged their struggle against Indian occupation despite all odds even as Indian forces have killed lakhs of Kashmiris during this time, Geelani said. India has failed to subdue Kashmiris through force, and the time has come for policy makers in New Delhi to do a post-mortem of their Kashmir policy to see whether they have achieved anything here, he said. Have they succeeded in changing the hearts of Kashmiris, or strengthening their constituency here? The truth is that nothing of this sort has happened and, in fact, the freedom sentiment of the new generation has only gotten stronger by Delhis iron-fist policy, he said. Actually, the freedom sentiment is a natural sentiment, which cannot be suppressed, and the sooner India realizes this reality the better it would be for the crores of people living in the sub-continent, he added. Geelani said that Jammu and Kashmir was the worlds most militarized zone and the presence of armed forces in civil areas was a cause of huge inconvenience for locals. Terming October 27, 1947, as the blackest day in the history of Kashmir, Geelani reiterated his appeal to Kashmiris living in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, Britain, and other countries to stage peaceful rallies and protests against Indian occupation of Kashmir and draw world attention towards the threats to lives and properties of Kashmiris posed by the ten-lakh presence of Indian armed forces. Geelani said Jammu and Kashmir had been an independent and sovereign state until 1947, and was bound to become a part of Pakistan as per the conditions of partition of the sub-continent. But in a brazen display of aggression, India landed its troops on October 27,1947, and occupied the region against the wishes of the people, he said. Geelani said Kashmiris had been continuously fighting against this illegal occupation but India has held on due to its military power. He said the Indian leaders had backtracked from the promises made to Kashmiris and also refused to implement the UN resolution granting Kashmiris their right to self determination. He said human rights violations would continue to take place as long as Indian forces are present in Kashmir. Therefore, people should observe a complete shutdown on October 27 in favour of complete de-militarization of Jammu and Kashmir, he said.