ISLAMABAD - As a part of its developmental efforts, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has published a guidebook titled Guide for Listing of Companies through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). It is aimed at facilitating the issuers and their lead manager/consultants/advisors, book runners and the underwriters to make their IPOs smoothly and efficiently. It is a useful tool to understand the process of approval of the SECP for issue, circulation and publication of prospectus and listing of a company on a stock exchange. It describes benefits of listing and the minimal requirements for seeking approval for listing of a company. It refers to various provisions of the applicable laws, rules and regulations and contains a checklist of the contents/disclosures of an equity prospectus, the format of applications to obtain the SECPs approval and a stock exchange for issue of prospectus. It is available on the SECP website.