HEAD MARALA (Sialkot) - A PML-N central leader on Tuesday flayed the PPP government on prolonged energy crisis in the country, elaborating that all the rental power plants were producing 115 mega watts power against the governments promised capacity of 1,400 mega watts electricity. Addressing the participants after the groundbreaking ceremony of the Marala Hydropower Project at Head Marala near here, MNA Khawaja Muhammad Asif said the PPP government was trying to snatch the basic right to living from the masses. He said that the refunding of US$ 35 million back to the government by the rental power plants was a great success of the PML-N. He claimed that he had got refunded the nations exchequer back to the government, adding that the rulers had given US $ 231 million to these RPPs in advance. He said that the RPPs and the incumbent rulers were plundering the national exchequer. He disclosed that the persisting energy crisis had caused a financial loss of Rs 3,000 billion to the national economy, which was the bigger financial loss than that caused by terrorism in the country. He accused the PPP government of delaying a solution to the crisis, saying that the federal government deliberately adopted delaying tactics in finding out the solution to energy crisis. He termed it a conspiracy of the federal government against Punjab, alleging that the federal government was targeting the Punjab and was exploiting the rights of the people of Punjab for taking political revenge from them. Khawaja said that he was not against the CNG stations, but now the government should take back the gas from the CNG station and should give the gas to the industries for continuing the wheel of industrial development moving, observing that this step would also create the maximum job opportunities. He strongly criticised the federal government for adopting delaying tactics in the establishment of 975 MW power projects of Nandipur and Cheechoki Malhiyaan. He said that the PML-N government had become beyond the political slogans and come out for making some practical steps to overcome the crisis in Punjab. He added that the provincial government had also initiated a mega project of establishing 200 MW hydro power projects on the canal system in Punjab. He said that the hydropower project at Head Marala would help overcome the menace of the existing power crisis. He said that the time was ripe to do something more practically to give maximum relief to the people. He said after being disappointed by the PPP federal government, the PML-N government in Punjab has started making some visible and practical steps to stand on its own feet and become self reliant in energy sector. Khawaja Asif revealed that Punjab government has also paved the ways of the utilization of the solar energy across the province, pledging to leave no stone unturned for giving maximum relief to the people , enabling them to curb the menace of the energy crisis by doing work shoulder-to-shoulder with the provincial government. PR workers ask Bilour to quit: The workers of Pakistan Railway staged on Tuesday a protest against disconnection of their electricity connections, suspension of water supply and non-payment of salaries here at Multan Railway Station Chowk. A large number of railway workers assembled at the Chowk and shouted full-throated slogans against federal government and railway minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour. Talking to the journalists, they said that they were without electricity and water for the last 15 days. They added that many of them were not paid September salary so far as a result of which they were faced with severe financial problems. They demanded of the government to terminate railway minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour forthwith and protect the department from complete destruction. They also demanded restoration of their power connections and payment of salaries.