UNITED NATIONS - Pakistan told the UN Security Council Monday that it's 'affirmative action on Palestine's application for UN membership would lead to a lasting solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and rectify the injustices suffered by the Palestinian people. The impressive march of the Palestinian people towards statehood had reached an important milestone with the application for United Nations membership, Raza Bashir Tarar, Pakistan's deputy permanent representative to the UN, said in a speech to the 15-member Council, which is currently considering the request. The Pakistani delegate spoke after the United States UN Ambassador Susan Rice warned that the Palestinian move for UN membership could 'derail Middle East peace efforts, ahead of a new international attempt to bring Israelis and Palestinians back to negotiations. American officials have even indicated that the US would veto the resolution approving the Palestinians' bid. But Tarar, the Pakistani delegate, said, "An affirmative action by the Security Council and by the General Assembly will set the foundation for lasting solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." Palestine's application, which was submitted last month, is currently with the Council's committee that deals with the admission of new members.