KARACHI (NNI) The State Bank of Pakistan recently demonetised Rs500 old-design banknotes from circulation and kept reminding from time to time to exchange old-design banknotes with the new smaller banknotes of Rs500 denomination. Although many individuals exchanged old-design bank notes but there are many people, particularly the senior citizens, who hardly watch TV or read the newspapers. They remained unaware about SBPs decision and the demonetization of old-design banknotes was revealed to them when it was no more acceptable. Former President of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), AQ Khalil said that there are scores of people who still have old-design banknotes in their possession but these banknotes have now become worthless. He urged the State Bank of Pakistan to announce further extension of at least two month in order to provide some relief to the depressed masses, particularly the senior citizens, whose lifelong savings have now become worthless. If the government can allow use of old National Identity Card for voting purposes than why not declaring Rs500 old-design banknote as legal tender with a view to provide relief to the perturbed public, he added. Former President KCCI was of the view that people in different areas throughout Pakistan will be facing severe problems due to Rs500 demonetization as they came to know about the SBP move only when people refused to take old banknotes from them. Those who missed the deadline are uneducated and poor people, who remained uninformed of the move probably due to no access to print or electronic media, he added.