A single seat on the first commercial flight of Boeings new 787 Dreamliner has been bought for more than $34,000 in a charity sale organised by Japans ANA, the company said Tuesday. The airline auctioned six business class seats on the planes inaugural flight, which leaves Tokyos Narita airport bound for Hong Kong on Wednesday. Bidders pushed up the cost of the ticket on eBay to the equivalent of $34,000 around 13 times the price of a regular business class seat for a flight between the two cities. ANA declined to disclose the identity of the winning bidder, who will be leaving Tokyo around midday on Wednesday and returning to the Japanese capital on Thursday. The airline is planning to donate proceeds from the auctions to international environmental NGOs. ANA also sold 100 economy class seats for the flight in the form of a tour, including one nights stay at a hotel in Hong Kong for 78,700 yen ($1,000) per adult. A discount return economy ticket on ANAs Tokyo-Hong Kong route in late October can be bought at local travel agencies for around 45,000 yen. YN