OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The Lahore High Court on Tuesday punished Dijkot SHO (Faisalabad) by making him to stand facing the wall for two hours in the courtroom. The Bench of Justice Shahid Hameed Dar had called SHO police station Dijkot, Muhammad Saeed, in a contempt of court matter moved by one Shabbir. On appearance before the court, the SHO sought time to come along with the record of the case on the next date of hearing. This angered the court to prompt the Judge to remark that the SHO was called for appearance in a contempt of court petition but he ignored to come along with record of the case concerned. The SHO slighted the court order which amounts to contempt on his part. On that the judge directed the SHO to face the wall and keep on standing in the courtroom for two hours which the SHO did accordingly. The court put off next hearing of the case for a week. ASSISTANCE?SOUFGHT: Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed of the Lahore High Court Tuesday called for the assistance of law officer for October 28, on a petition filed to seek recovery of film fame Sapna Khan, who has been missing since June 22 last and the petitioner believes she has been kidnapped by the friends of Dost Muhammad Khosa, former Chief Minister Punjab. The petition has been filed by Hina Khan, sister of Sapna Khan, through advocate Muhammad Azhar Siddique, inter alia contending that Sapna, allegedly allured into marriage by Khosa and had given birth to baby girl out of his wedlock, has been kidnapped by Khosa and his friends Sajjad, Faheem and others after an altercation between the couple outside Khosa GOR residence on the said date. The petitioner contends, her sister was tortured badly before being taken away and the whole episode was published in a section of the press. FUNERAL?PRAYERS?FOR GADDAFI: Dozens of lawyers of the Lahore High Court Bar Association Tuesday offered Ghayabana Nimaze Jinaza of Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi who as killed last week by the Libyans backed by America and its allies. The Nimaze Jinnaza was offered on the call of Raja Zulqurnain, former Secretary Supreme Court Bar Association, at the GPO chowk outside the LHCBA premises. On the occasion, Raja termed killing of Gaddafi a barbaric act done on the instance of America, which, he added, is out to capture the oil and other natural resources of the Muslim world, wherein Gaddafi was a resistance. He said it was high time that we should condemn any act America is pursuing to weaken the Muslim states for the sake of realising its designs towards capturing resources of the Islamic world. He said gradually but steadily, America was also nearing its claws to Pakistan but the rulers here had intentionally turned their face to other side to give a go ahead to the US.