OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The Lahore High Court on Tuesday adjourned to October 26 further hearing of the case against entry test for admission in medical colleges while observing that the court will condition announcement of the entry test result with the final decision of the court on this petition. The counsel for the University Health Sciences sought time to file reply to the petition and the court grant the request observing that if needful was not done by the next date of hearing the Court can lay the condition to restrain announcement of the result of the test till final decision on the petition. The petition has been filed by six students inter alia contending that the entry test is unconstitutional and without lawful authority. They said it was a sheer excess with the students seeking admission to the MBBS that half marks for the admission have been required from test and half from the FSc which amounts to spoiling their years long hard work to let the entry test get prevalence over the other. On the last date of hearing the court had required the UHS, PMDC and others file reply for which now October 24 has been fixed. Petition against rallies: A constitutional petition was on Tuesday filed to obtain a restriction order against holding of rallies by the PML(N) and PTI on October 28 and October 30, respectively. The petitioner Rana Azeem contends through the petition that both the said political parties are after boosting up the political business at the cost of the rights and facilities of the masses. The petitioner contends that the PML(N), the PPP and the PTI have affixed billboards, banners, advertisement screens and placards on The Mall worth lakhs of rupees but without paying to the authorities and obtaining prior permission from the PHA. This amounts to serious violation of the rule and the law and merits a direction from this court to remove all that from the Mall. The petitioner has prayed to the court for a direction to the PML(N) and PTI not to hold the rallies on the said date, for these parties have failed to adhere to law.