SADIQABAD - The success and survival of humanity lie in following the footsteps of the last and final Messenger (PBUH). Love for Sunnah means loving the Prophet (PBUH) and love for the Messenger is equal to that of Allah Almighty. These views were expressed by Jamaat-e-Islmai Khyber Pakhtookhwa Naib Ameer Maulana Muhammad Ismaeel while delivering a lecture under the seven-day 'Fehme Quran and Sunnah Programme wherein thousands of men and women participated at the Mehmood Stadium. The Holy Quran was revealed for the guidance of the whole of humanity. The Sharia system is the best of all the other systems in the world and it can be capered to none. Resolution to individual, collective and national issues lies in the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. The Iskamic Sharia system guarantees peace, tranquillity and human welfare, he said. Linking peace to teaching of the Quran, he said, Until we walk on the path described in the Holy Book revealed on the last and final Messenger (PBUH). Quran is Allah Almighys law and code of life which will keep on guiding the human beings till the Day of Judgement. On the occasion, Jamaat-e-Islami leaders Maulana Zahoor Ahmad, Haroonur Rasheed, Dr Umar Farooq, Tahir Ghafoor, Ghulam Murtaza, Shuaibur Rehman and Sajjad Mehmood welcomed the guests at the reception.