LAHORE - The Pakistan Auto Parts Show 2011 has become the largest showcase of Pakistan's engineering export merchandise and services. The event was visited by a large number of buyers from across the world while over 128 multinational national companies displayed their products in the exhibition. Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) Chairman Syed Nabeel Hashmi, on the second day of the event, said the auto parts show was a thoroughfare to the true commercial and manufacturing diversity of Pakistani companies, providing an opportunity to forge new alliances and business ventures. But unfortunately there is no contribution of the government in the organizing the mega exhibition as it is 100 percent financed by the PAAPAM itself. We have been making efforts for the last one year to make the exhibition successful but the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), whose sole task is to arrange such events, never bothered to support us in this regard. It will be absolutely right if it is said that governments participation is zero in this regard, said Hashmi disappointedly. He said that 6,000 invitations were forwarded to the foreign counterparts companies but their thin participation implies that TDAP has no interest to attract the foreign companies or investors. He said the TDAP has never supported the auto seminar or exhibition in the country. The PAAPAM central chairman said that his association intended to take part the foreign auto exhibitions, making the arrangements for 100 members to visit there, but the Authority never provided any help in this regard. Nabeel Hashmi strongly demanded of the government to ensure adequate and exclusive export promotions for the engineering sector. We are expecting that TDAP will support our initiatives like PAPAS 2011, he said. In Pakistan, local industry is manufacturing motorcycles, cars, tractors, other heavy vehicles like trucks and busses and also hosts major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Toyota, Honda, Suzuki and Massey Ferguson. He said that Germany, with the collaboration of its government agencies, holds the worlds largest auto exhibition every year. In this exhibition only 16 companies form Pakistan participate while from India 650 and from China over 1,800 auto firms display their products, he added. He said the PAAPM plans to arrange such mega exhibition on annual bases and the second show will be held in Karachi next year. He claimed that this is the first exhibition in the history of Pakistan whose data base is controlled by us and the PAAPAM itself has developed software in this regard. He said that todays overwhelming response from investors and business leaders convinces us that we are on the right path and Pakistan is a strong contender to win the confidence of companies from around the world. He said that with the steady growth in the automotive parts industry in the region PAPS 2011 plays a crucial role in the economic development of the automobile related market, both locally and internationally. The show was a perfect place to approach a potential buyer and meet existing customers, he added. Over 10,000 visitors, leading foreign delegations and auto industrys representatives from China, Japan, Germany, Italy, Australia, Holland, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates and India visited the Pakistan Auto Show on the second day of the three-day event, where they showed keen interest in products of local auto manufacturers and parts makers. The product range includes (complete built up) vehicles i.e. cars, trucks, buses, tractors, motorcycles and auto components (in thousands) at 128 different stalls outside and inside two separate halls of the event place. Visiting different stalls, foreign representatives expressed their opinion that the show will prove a milestone for the auto industry in Pakistan. Visiting dignitaries congratulated leadership and management of PAAPAM for holding such a mega event and display of auto products in large scale.