OUR STAFF RRTER LAHORE - As the centennial year of Faiz Ahmad Faiz enters its last quarter, a special tribute is being planned in Islamabad by Grapevine Consultants in collaboration with Sufia Shahid on October 28. According to a press release, Shaam e Faiz will acknowledge and celebrate the creative genius of the legendary poet. Different mediums of expression like rhythm, rendition and recitation will be used by renowned celebrities like Naeem Bukhari, Rahat Kazmi, Sarah Raza and Abbas Ali Khan to pay tributes to Faiz. The event will also focus on ways and means to preserve the literary heritage created by Pakistani writers, poets and artists through a digital archive. The archive aims to provide an actual impetus to a technology savvy generation to absorb and assimilate the work of our writers, the nuances of our rich language and develop an understanding of how both minds and souls can be impacted by great literature. In a connected world digital content is paramount to furthering the cause of the ICT industry in Pakistan and perhaps the only way to get our younger generation, being raised in an environment of Google, You tube, Apple and Face book, to connect to our heritage. The digital archive, once established, will enable students, researchers and the public at large to enjoy the personal journey of each of the highlighted personalities and, through that, our indigenous ethos. The event is being supported by the Ministry of Information Technology, Pakistan Software Export Board, PKNIC, Cure-MD and other generous contributors.