TUNIS (AFP) - Tunisias main Islamist Ennahda party prepared to lead talks to form the countrys first democratic government as the party the party took the lead in early official results Tuesday, with 15 of 39 seats in five polling districts, including the cities of Sousse and Sfax, the ISIE elections body said. The leftist Congress for the Republic (CPR) was in second place with six seats, followed by a list led by independent candidate Hachmi Haamdi, a rich London-based businessman, with five seats, it said at a press conference. The results were for the eastern coastal cities of Sousse and Sfax, Tunisias second city, as well as Jendouba in the northwest and Kebili, a desert town in the centre. Massive numbers of voters elected a new 217-member assembly Sunday in Tunisias first elections since the toppling of dictator Zine el Abidine Ben Ali in a popular uprising in January that sparked the Arab Spring. The assembly will rewrite the constitution and appoint a new caretaker president and government for the duration of the drafting process. It will also have interim authority to write laws and pass budgets. On Monday, a provisional, official count showed Ennahda had won half of the 18 seats reserved for expatriate representatives on the assembly in separate elections held last week.