In occupied Kashmir, the Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, Muhammad Yasin Malik has said that the international community should value and respect peaceful struggle of Kashmiris and persuade India to resolve the Kashmir dispute on priority basis. According to Kashmir Media Service, Mohammad Yasin Mali addressing a public meeting at Chrar-e-Sharif in Budgam said, "The Kashmir dispute has become a perpetual potential threat to peace in the whole world, in general, and the Subcontinent, in particular." "We have been struggling for the past 62 years for our free survival, freedom and determination of future. We have lost our four generations in the struggle for our basic right to self-determination and it is still continuing. We are not demanding the moon or stars from India and the international community. We are struggling for determination and stability of our future. But our struggle is being suppressed by unilateral use of violence by the Indian armed forces," Yasin Malik said. He threw light on the life of Islamic saint and scholar, Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Wali (RH), urging the people to follow in the footsteps of the great human being. He urged the people to follow the teachings of Islam in letter and spirit to achieve success in the world and hereafter.