Nokia, Zong join hands for customers facilitation

KARACHI (PR): Zong has signed an MoU with Nokia Care according to which both SIMs of Zong will be available at all 18 Nokia Care centres across Pakistan while Nokia phones will be made available for purchase across all Zong Customer Service Centres (CSC) in Pakistan. The MoU was signed at Zong’s headquarters in Islamabad.

This collaboration is a first of its kind in the robustly developing telecom market in the country. According to the partnership, both the companies will be able to increase their outreach to customers and facilitate them in a better way by offering bundled solutions.

Commenting on the occasion, Arif Shafique, country general manager, Nokia Pakistan stated: “Nokia Pakistan and Zong have joined hands to promote a unique collaboration in the telecom sector due to which the two companies will be able to set a new standard in customer facilitation. As customers remain at the heart of all Nokia products, we want to provide them with the best mix of products and services. Nokia has always envisioned connecting the nation together and thus we take our vision further through such endeavors. Our devices enable our customers to get the most out of their social lifestyle by connecting with everything that matters to them. The availability of Zong SIMs at all Nokia Care centres means that our customers can now benefit from a reliable cellular network that is today Pakistan’s fastest growing cellular network”.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Fan Yunjun, CEO Zong, said: “Zong remains committed to the advancement of telecom in Pakistan. Through our partnership with Nokia Care, we aim to take our commitment further by enhancing the offerings at our Customer Service Centres and increase our customers’ outreach in Pakistan via Nokia Care centres. More Nokia customers can now become the part of Pakistan’s fastest growing cellular network by getting a Zong SIM from any Nokia Care centre across Pakistan.”

Samsung awarded ISO 50001 certification

LAHORE (PR): Samsung Electronics has announced that it is the first company in Korea to receive ISO 50001 certification for all foreign and domestic business sites only two years after introducing the standard. ISO 50001 is an international energy standard which Samsung received for its commitment to energy efficiency, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions across its business by 57 percent since 2008.

Executive Director Kim Haengil, head of Samsung Electronics Environment & Safety Center, said, “The ISO 50001 certification is a testament to our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the company. We are proud to be the first company in Korea to receive this certification and to have achieved it in such a short time across the business. We will continue to lead the way for business greenhouse gas reduction and energy management.”

ISO 50001 was established by the International Organization for Standardization and went into effect in June 2011. It is a globally-certified energy management system that stipulates processes and procedures for energy reduction planning, execution, and operation. Samsung Electronics’ site in Gumi was the first to receive certification in July 2011 and by July 2012 all six business sites in Korea had been awarded the certification.

Rating of HBL AMC upgraded

KARACHI (PR): JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company Ltd. has upgraded the Management Quality (MQ) rating of HBL Asset Management Limited (HBL AMC) from ‘AM3+’ (AM - Three Plus) to ‘AM2-’ (AM - Two Minus). The outlook on the assigned rating is ‘Stable’.

The rating upgrade takes into account reinforcement of various facets of the organization. The Management team at HBL AMC has been strengthened with the appointment of competent new resources. The core team has exhibited stability over time and, in an effort to increase the share of retail segment and reduce investor concentration, a retail sales team has been developed, strengthening the marketing infrastructure.

This has resulted in an increase in the retail investor base over the past year, and further efforts to bring about growth in this area are on-going.

HBL AMC’s ability to support and manage investment management has improved over time, and a structured investment process has been introduced. The Research Department generates various reports covering fundamental and technical analysis, as well as monthly macroeconomic reports; the Investment Committee (IC) finalises investment decisions after extensive discussions; and Compliance ensures that decisions by the IC are executed by the Portfolio Management Team within the stipulated timeframe. Lastly, a Board level Risk Management Committee (RMC) has been recently established and is considered positive risk, and Compliance now directly reports to the RMC.

The risk profile of both, conventional and Islamic money market funds, remains aligned with their respective investment policies. The return of HBL Money Market Fund is in the top quartile, whereas return of Islamic Money Market Fund was placed as second out of three funds in FY13. The return of HBL Income Fund was adversely affected by the provisioning requirement; however, the future downside risk has been reduced.

Bayer HealthCare collaborates with ‘PSGat’

LAHORE (PR): A walkathon titled “Jigar, Let’s Walk for a Healthy Liver” was orgainized by Bayer HealthCare and PSGat Ghurki Hospital, Lahore, to shed some light on the fast increasing rates of liver cancer in Pakistan and thus the ever increasing need to maintain the health of this vital organ.

Liver cancer is the third deadliest cancer in the world1, and the brunt of the burden is borne by the developing world. This fatal disease can easily be prevented with the proper dissemination of information; knowing our risks and the preventive measures can make a great difference.

Dr Shamail Zafar (Vice President, PSG Lahore) while addressing the audience emphasized the need to take care of our liver; “being a little cautious and making small changes in our diet and daily exercise can go a long way in protecting us from this silent killer”. He urged the audience to be especially careful of hepatitis which is the leading cause of liver cancer and quite predominant in Pakistan.

Not only are the numbers alarming but the fact that experts now refer to Pakistan as a “Cirrhotic State”3 put things into perspective. However, the situation is not without hope; vaccination is available for the prevention of Hepatitis B as well as treatment for Hepatitis C. In addition, even for patients who do succumb to liver cancer, early diagnosis is the key. If we are at risk for liver cancer, consultation with a doctor and regular check ups are essential since finding the disease early on greatly improves the chances of managing the disease, easily and effectively.