On Thursday, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressed his disappointment with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for the ongoing ceasefire violations along the Indo-Pak border, despite a mutual agreement and recent decisions to instruct DGMOs to monitor the LoC situation. This lament was issued upon Mr Singh's return from a two-nation visit to Russia and China. During the visit also, he expressed his concern, that terrorism was spreading to China from “our neighbourhood”.

Although it is being reported as the sharpest remarks Singh has issued against Sharif so far, the apparent complaint coming from our next door neighbor fails to establish its legitimacy or even relevancy for several reasons. It is unfortunate that PM Singh is so afflicted with unnecessary self-pity that he appears to have forgotten that the LoC situation does not exist because of Pakistan alone. The two civilians killed by firing in the Sialkot sector did not succumb to old age, or die of natural causes. The situation is not as simple as "It's Pakistan's fault," which is how India would prefer to describe it to the world. Constantly depicting Pakistan as the perpetual villain in this scenario is convenient, but dishonest. Pakistanis and Indians on both sides of the border have been hurt by the skirmishes, in continuous violations of the ceasefire. To insinuate that Pakistan is solely responsible for instigating and provoking this cross-border tension can only be described as selective memory loss, or narrow-sightedness, whichever Mr. Singh prefers.

Furthermore, it was only recently in the Washington, that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif clearly stated that Pakistan was willing to “go an extra step” in order to maintain good relations with India. In contrast, Mr Singh seems to not want to take a single step in that direction, despite his self-righteous protestations. Prior to this, Sharif’s political campaign was not as feverishly obsessed with India, as election campaigns in India seem to be with respect to Pakistan; increasing hostility in rhetoric against Pakistan apparently wins hearts and minds across the border. If anything, it should be Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who should be disappointed with this utter lack of cooperation and incessant blame game. Who knew willing to go an extra mile would elicit such misplaced dismay?