Pakistan and US relationship has faced major ups and downs since the tragic incident of 9/11. It won’t be unjustified to say that the ties are improving as proven by the recent visit of John Kerry, the Secretary of State to Pakistan. However the popular debate of drone attacks is still in mid-air. The Pakistani politicians have requested US through Mr John Kerry to kindly stop the on-going drone attacks but he has denied this request and said that they will continue. Now, the question is, are these drone attacks really important and should they continue?

It has been 8 years since the first bomb was dropped on the plains of northern Pakistan. It has killed, injured and destroyed many things such as; families, homes and the beauty Pakistan holds. The US states that this war is against the TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban) and terrorism. Yes, these drone attacks help kill the militants but what about the civilians? How can anyone justify the murder of women and children who are oblivious to the political scenario yet they become a part of the probable drone war?

Does America, who claims to be working hard to save ‘Humanity’, have no conscience against these inhuman acts? Why do the innocent have to pay a price for the acts of few militants? In my opinion, these drone attacks should be stopped because they are not helping anyone. What is needed is a proper political dialogue to solve this problem.


October 24.