It’s all well and good that the US recognizes that talking to the TTP in search of peace is a decision that lies in that hands of the Pakistani government. But having a consistent stance does not seem to be a major concern, as the same 'courtesy' to leave the decision to continue or end drone strikes is not extended to the Pakistani government. In very simple terms, the American government just doesn’t care about what other people think of their actions, and instead will choose to do as they please were it suits them.

Nawaz Sharif it seems is now coming to terms with the difficulty of his position, and the fact that he is stuck between a rock and a hard place. The public is demanding an end to drone strikes, and short of shooting them down -- which regardless of what certain excitable types might suggest, would not be a smart move at all -- our PM knows there is little he can do. Meanwhile, local terrorists resort to taunting the PM once again as they, like so many others in this country, see his visit as a ‘failure’. Clearly an inflated sense of self importance has led many people to believe that Pakistan can hold its own against a superpower that does not take no for an answer.

However, rumours have surfaced about a possible temporary halt in the strikes, to facilitate the negotiation process. The tragedy is that even if the strikes are nearing an end, it will not be because of the outrage of the Pakistani people or even the decision of the PM; that decision will be made by the American government unilaterally. Our Prime Minister must be finally realizing that things have indeed changed since he was last in power. The drones, with all the injustices and civilian casualties, have also led to the elimination of high profile targets such as Baitullah Mehsud and the US relies on that counter argument to justify their use. Why they cannot be controlled and operated by the Pakistani government remains an indication of the mistrust and suspicion between the US and Pakistan. It is infuriating that no matter how out of line the US is with the usage of drones, the matter lies firmly out of our hands, and in the foreseeable future, will continue to remain so.