Our political and military leadership visits China frequently, perhaps the only country which welcomes them. They also claim that China is Pakistan’s time tested friend, but our leaders are not prepared to learn anything from China. China has become an economic power and has improved the living standard of its citizens. China got its independence in the same year as we did but made all the right decisions.

They don’t have religious leaders who use religion for political powers. China hanged all the corrupt politicians, generals, bureaucrats and tax evader’s so that no one would continue corruption. In China, the military general’s work hand in hand with the civilian leadership for prosperity of the country. They have strict laws which punish the corrupt. Their police is not politicized and is corruption free, no one evades taxes in China, the list can go on and on. China had a territorial dispute with India and a war as well, but for China the priority was trade with India so on Oct 24, 2013 China and India signed an agreement on border defense cooperation to help maintain peace, tranquility and stability in the border area of both countries. The agreement also included a joint counter terrorism training and cooperation to combat terrorism. Pakistan should also sign a similar agreement with China and India if it wants Pakistan to become a terrorist free country.


October 24.