PML-N has suffered the loss of a provincial assembly seat in Faisalabad because it allowed the people to forget the real reason for loadshedding - the PPP energy policy of 1994 and the earlier rejection of the Water Accord of 1991. The country was put on the thermal path to the total exclusion of the hydel path. The people have very short memories; they only remember what was promised to them, rather unwisely, at election time. Tell the people it is not PML-N which put the country on the thermal path. Tell them it is not going to be easy to get back to the desired energy mix.

The problems we are facing are because of the expensive imported oil that the cost per unit of electricity has been going up every year. It is the expensive subsidized power which is giving rise to the unmanageable circular debt. They should tell the people who are responsible for this unholy mess. If PML-N representatives do not speak up and remain on the defensive they will get the shock of their lives at the LG polls.


Lahore, October 23.