Lahore - Jamaat e Islami chief Syed Munawar Hasan has said that the long awaited and much talked about Obama- Nawaz meeting has yielded nothing and the Prime Minister has returned empty handed.

In a statement here on Friday, he said that the US President Obama was visibly indifferent during the meeting and posed as patron and he did not give any attention to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s request for ending drone attacks or Dr Aafia’s release. On the other hand, the US categorically stated that the drone policy will not be changed.  Munawar said that as front line state in the US war on terror, Pakistan had suffered heavily both in terms of casualties and economic losses but the US compensation for all these services and sacrifices had been negligible, and the release of 1.6 billion dollars aid was a peanut as compared to the actual losses.

The JI chief also took strong exception to the Prime Minister’s remarks in London disagreeing with the Amnesty International report which termed the drone attacks as war crime, and said this was shameful. Munawar said if the country was to be pulled out of the present situation the rulers must change their outlook, eradicate corruption and plunder of public money, and also bring back all ill-gotten wealth lying in foreign banks.

He said, “A comprehensive system of taxation must be devised and tax evasion be checked. This would help generate sufficient funds both for running the government machinery and for development without foreign assistance.”