Shaan is one of the most revered actors and pride of Pakistani film industry. His un-diminishing respect and exemplary contributions to our cinema is laudable. He has persistently refused to act in Indian cinema and has turned down many roles such and remains vocal about it. His patriotic sentiments are endorsed by Pakistani’s worldwide as he is the only actor that has remained true to both his profession and country and helped realise the full potential of the Pakistani cinema.

However, of late Shaan’s public statements have left us baffled about whether he regrets his decision to stay in Pakistan, or is he plainly just getting too big for his own boots? His allegiance to the industry was first questioned when he openly criticised Pakistani artists that pursued their career in India ‘cheap sellouts,’ Ali Zafar rebutted by giving examples of accomplished Pakistani artists that worked in india and received tremendously appreciated. Ali encouraged newcomers to follow their dreams even if the realisation took them across the border. At the Abu Dhabi International Showbiz Expo, Shaan made headlines by comparing Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’ to Hollywood’s ‘Ocean’s 12’ and blamed the Indian cinema for running out of new ideas, he then inviting Shahrukh Khan to make a film in Pakistan and become a ‘global ambassador’ for art without boundaries. Shaan should be above such petty and impulsive comments.

Why would Shahrukh Khan, with fame and wealth, beyond biblical proportions put his life at risk to make a movie in Pakistan? At such international podiums Shaan is an ambassador and represents his country, his dispositions reflect the opinions of artists back home. Sharing a common profession, he should build strong ties with our estranged neighbours and not present himself as a conservative actor that does not appreciate modern ideas.


United Kingdom, October 22.