CALIFORNIA (BEL): Kimberly Wyatt says Vanessa Hudgens is the most famous person in her phonebook. The former Pussycat Doll moves in A-list circles and remains close to her ex-bandmate Ashley Roberts. But the 25-year-old actress is top of the star’s most famous list, with Kimberly, 32, citing her as the biggest name in her phonebook. “We get on really well and she’s someone I like to hang out with,” the blonde dancer smiled to British magazine Star. “The most out of character thing I’ve done is skydiving. Vanessa encouraged me to do it. I nearly passed out. Its likely Kimberly will have to scale back her daredevil antics for a while, as in August she announced she is currently expecting her first baby with husband Max Rogers.

She feels “contented” and calls this the happiest she’s ever been. And while she’s achieved so much already, there are still a few things on her bucket list. “I’d love the opportunity to visit Borneo to some of the world’s most spectacular endangered animals, including the proboscis monkey,” she said. “I’d also like to cage dive with great white sharks. It would be very scary but such a thrill. And I’d love to see whales swimming in the sea. They are so beautiful and it would be amazing to catch a glimpse of them in the ocean.” Kimberly is also not immune to getting star-struck and admitted she felt weak at the knees when she met her idol Missy Elliott.