Mubarak is a fishing village 30km from Karachi, which is located along the shore of Arabian Sea. The village has a population of more than 10,000 people. Karachi’s second largest fisherman locality-Mubarak Village- does not have the basic facilities such as electricity (available in half the village) a landing jetty, domestic gas, health and education, despite the fact that this village has existed before the British rule.

In 2009, chief minister Sindh, Qaim Ali Shah announced development of Mubarak Village on modern lines and construction work started but suddenly the construction stopped midway. Nearly 50 percent development work has been done and could provide the area with all the facilities required. Despite provision of funds work on the project stopped. At present the village presents a primitive colony look, being without sewerage, electricity and road infrastructure. The chief minister had also announced to provide lease for the houses to fishermen, but only 10 percent residents could receive the official papers. Another project was to expand Mubarak village dam and construct a harbour but it remains a pipe dream. Similarly, a maternity home was built but the medical facility is still without any staff. We demand that the government should resume construction work on the incomplete projects. We also appeal to the government to launch a probe into misuse of funds allocated for the project.


Karachi, October 10.