LAHORE: The biggest ever earthquake of 8.1 magnitude hit the country at 14:11:40 Pakistan Standard Time in Punjab, KPK and Azad Kashmir. Huge losses are feared. Lahore and its surrounding areas were jolted with earthquake shocks, Waqt News reported. The tremors were felt in Islamabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot and other Punjab regions. People were seen exiting their buildings while reciting religious invocations. The telecommunication structure has been disturbed and masses are unable to connect their relatives.

“The epicentre is believed to be in Hindukush mountain range. The quake was 193 km underground. It is the most severe earthquake in the history of Pakistan. On October 8, 2005 quake to hit upcountry in Kashmir and KPK was of 7.6 magnitude. It caused huge devastation and about 100,000 lost their lives. May God have mercy this earthquake may also cause devastation,” Sahibdad Khan Director MET Office Lahore told The Nation.  

Khan warned that there may be aftershocks considering the big magnitude of this earthquake. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Army Chief General Raheel Sharif have asked all military personals to start rescue operations in all affected areas without seeking their official permission.

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100 injured individuals were brought to the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar. KP government has declared emergency in all hospitals of the province. Meanwhile in 10 people got injured in Sargodha after the school wall fell down along with 200 around Pakistan. Media has reported that 2 people in Swat, 4 children in Jandol Summer Bagh, Lower Dir and 1 child in Rawalpindi have died in the incident. Also, there are reports about damage and cracks in metro bus track Rawalpindi. The railway service has been temporarily suspended up to Lahore for checking the potential damage specifically in Peshawar division as crack on various railway buildings has been reported.

At least 10 people were wounded when a school wall collapsed in Sargodha, a city in Punjab province. The jolts were also felt in India, Dubai and Afghanistan.