I happened to see a TV programme on the visit of our two cricket champions Najam Sethi and Shahryar Khan to India and their ultimate total humiliation there. Najam Sethi was featuring in the programme shown on Thursday October 22. If one has to learn ‘how to pocket an insult’ he should learn from these two chamchaas of our PM.

While the anchorperson was asking biting and pertinent question, Najam Sethi was smiling and even laughing boisterously and shamelessly ignoring the seriousness of the questions. His face was nevertheless betraying him. Thick-skin is the real quality of this man. In the same programme he threw a bomb-shell also by telling us that Shahryar Khan’s wife was actually negotiating with the wife of BCCI chief. What in the world is Shahryar Khan’s wife doing there, why was she there in the first place and who authorised her to negotiate? To me civil administration in Pakistan is totally upside down now. Cronyism, chmcha-ism and nepotism backed by corruption and total inefficiency has ruined everything but the government is enjoying itself on the basis of TV and print media ads and paid surveys about its popularity.


Lahore, October 24.