We inherited cheap and efficient postal services in 1947 which were expanded further to the satisfaction and admiration of the citizens. Post Offices were conveniently located and red letter boxes were numerous and visible on road sides. These services are now on the decline.

Take for example a comparatively small area of Chaklala Cantonment for a study. Post Office and letter box on Sarwar Road don’t exist anymore. Post Offices with letter boxes on Adiala Road and Lal Kurti have been shifted deep into lanes. Letter boxes near MCB bank Lal Kurti and COD Jhelum Road don’t exist anymore. Chaklala Post Office is no longer accessible to commoners and letter box on Imran Avenue has been shifted to a lane. So on.

Statement of DG of Pakistan Postal Services published in English daily on Oct. 05 is very encouraging, provided it is implemented also. It is hoped that the above stated decline in postal services is rectified, cheap and efficient postal services are expanded including delivery of revenue generating utility bills and bank statements. Furthermore, more postmen will be employed to solve unemployment problem using cycles like some advanced countries instead of costly import—based motorcycles.


Rawalpindi, October 6.