The Americans are notorious for sugar coating their demands. The PMs trip to the US is being looked at in a somewhat flattering light in the media, but the demands are the same and so is the stance of the US on terrorism.

The US wants action on terrorism. This is something we have delivered on, but as another US President, Theodore Roosevelt, put it way back in 1912, it’s been ‘like nailing jello to a wall’. We will never be able to rip terrorism from its roots, because as terrible as it is, it is also an independent social movement. Its almost like asking the US to “do more” to get rid of hate crimes against African Americans and Muslims. Terrorism is not going to end, especially in the way that the US wants it to, and so Pakistan will continue to be a problem child for the US. Yet, most countries in the region, from Syria in the west to Japan in the east know, and remember, what a bad parent the US has been. US patronising India will further reduce its influence in the Asian region unless China decides it is okay with the US-India arms trade and political alliance.

On the bright side, to get a statement from the US on the Indo-Pak dialogue is a big achievement. Apparently the US was only interested in the Afghan issue but consistent pressure through Pakistani diplomacy forced the US to comment on the current dangers of Indo-Pak tensions. US State Department Spokesman Mark Toner in a press briefing on Friday said, “While refusing dialogue, India is engaged in a major arms buildup, regrettably with the active assistance of several powers.” The US may just be working behind the scenes to force India to come to the negotiating table without pre-conditions. It won’t happen right away but a change in the Indian stance will come.

While we are way behind on social development and power politics, global geopolitics may just be on our side. What seemed like the oncoming isolation of Pakistan a week ago, seems like an opportunity today, especially now that the Afghanistan saga is far from over for the Americans. But maybe that is the effect of American diplomacy- they have given a feel-good statement, creating calm while the problems remain.

At least six people were reported injured during an exchange of fire between Punjab Rangers and Indian Border Forces across the Working Boundary in Shakargarh sector on Sunday. India continues to thirst for blood, inside and outside. What else should Pakistan do if not increase its military arsenal?