ISLAMABAD - Majority of working and professional women living in Islamabad on Wednesday demanded the concerned authorities for ensuring the establishment of affordable day-care centres.

Finding suitable childcare during the working hours has become one of the major issues that force many working women to give up their jobs.

As majority of female living in Islamabad basically belong to other parts of the country and they have to face many problems to meet the official and domestic requirements while taking care of their kids.

Therefore, these working women have no other opportunity to leave their children at private day-care centres that charge thousands of rupees per month.

“We are paying over 8000 rupees to the owner of day-care centres for only one kid,” said a working woman Tahira Abid.

“We, both husband and wife, are government servants and live in a rented house, so it is quite hard for us to spare such an amount from our monthly salaries, said another government employee Samina Ali.       

One such facility is run by a Social Welfare Organisation at the Aabpara Community Centre and the other by the Women Development Ministry at its new building near Secretariat.

The shortage of day-care centres compelled them to pay hefty amounts to their owners as they have no other option to tackle this problem.

Another working woman Yusra Rehman said that non-availability of proper childcare centres is forcing many women to leave their jobs at a time when a lot of opportunities are opening up for them in every sphere of life. It is unfortunate to see many women abandon their careers to take care of their kids in absence of support by their family members and employers as well, she said.

Most of the working women were of the view that establishment of day-care centres could help boost performance of the female employees who have been effectively contributing their services towards national development.