LAHORE - Former President and PPP chief Asif Ali Zardari yesterday said that Bilawal Bhutto would be leading the election campaign in 2018 elections.

Talking to party ticket holders from Faisalabad division at Bilawal House here, Zardari said that he would supervise the election and to see there was no rigging this time.

The PPP leader said that his hands were tied during 2013 elections since he was confined to Presidency while Bilawal was studying abroad.

Likewise, he added, the campaign was also marred due to abduction of Yousaf Raza Gilani’s son.

“So, there was virtually no campaign in 2013 as far as the PPP is concerned”. he told party men.

The former President said that he and Bilawal would be visiting each and every constituency in the coming polls.

Zardari on this occasion also reiterated his party’s stance that previous election was rigged massively by the Returning Officers.

He said that he would himself monitor the election process to ensure that no rigging took place this time.

“Those planning to rig the coming elections should shun this idea because they would not be able to repeat their previous performance this time”, he warned.

He lamented that country’s politics has been polluted by certain elements that were doing politics of allegations and mudslinging.

“PPP, on the other hand, does politics of the people and will enter into the next elections with a manifesto which is being prepared as per their aspirations”, he observed.