MPA Hina Pervez Butt submits a resolution in the Punjab Assembly to ban sale of Acid in the open market.

PML-N MPA Hina Pervez Butt tabled a resolution in the Punjab Assembly place a ban on sale of Acid openly in the market. This resolution comes after the case of Beenish Sharif acid case surfaced in the media a few days back.

The resolution states that the Government of Punjab should take immediate action in this case as 25% of Beenish Sharif’s body was burnt when her fiancé Asmat ullah threw acid on her and her eyes have been damaged also. She said Beenish belongs to a poor family who cannot afford the treatment expenditure for their daughter. The Punjab Government should help the family in every possible way.

The resolution says that such incidents tarnish the image of Pakistan steps to immediately stop these with an iron hand must be taken.

Speaking to The Nation MPA Hina Butt said, “I have presented the resolution and hope that soon it would be approved by the Punjab Assembly. Acid attacks have destroyed the lives of manty innocent girls, it is time these are stopped.”

Regarding punishment in such cases Hina Butt said, “Capital punishment is not enough for the accused, he should be punished in the same manner as the girl he has made to suffer.”

Parveen Kausar, Beenish’s mother told The Nation that her daughter is in great pain and as her burns start healing the pain increases, especially Beenish complains about irritation in her eyes. She also said that Beenish’s medicines and other expenses cost about eight thousand rupees a week which the family is having a hard time to meet and she is really worried about how they will continue with the treatment when their resources are used up. Regarding the resolution in Punjab Assembly she said, “This is great news, sale of acid should be banned and anyone who sales it should be punished severely. No one has the right to destroy anyone’s life.”

On the other hand Beenish’s case will be heard by Additional Session Judge Sajjad Ahmad’s in the Anti-Terrorism Court 1 Lahore. Speaking to The Nation Beenish’s lawyer  Advocate Gul Hassan Abbas said, “The hearing will begin on 1st November. Soon we will go to High Court for implementing ban on sale of acid in markets. This matter can be debated in the legislature but its implementation is beyond their control. We feel that only the Supreme Court of Pakistan can order its effective implementation.” Advocate Gul Hassan Abbas is Regional Manager, Punjab Peace and Justice Network and Advocate Shahzad Sarwar and Advocate Falak Sheer from Prestige Legal Services have taken up Beenish's case.