MULTAN-Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said that over 60 MNAs of PML-N including 25 from South Punjab were ready to switch their loyalties and only waiting for a whistle.

He added that 83 MNAs were all set to participate in “Joggers Rally” after Ayesha Gullalai case verdict.

Addressing a news conference here at Multan Press Club, he said that there would be a quick march of thieves before coming month of March. “Hudaibia case is the mother of corruption and LNG grandmother.

If Hudaibia case is opened, Sharif family will not find any way to escape,” he added. He said, if opened, 40 big personalities including Shahbaz Sharif would be caught in Hudaibia case, which would jolt PML-N’s ranks. He claimed that five families hatched conspiracy against democracy.

He said that the PML-N did not let alternate leadership grow during last 40 years while Nawaz Sharif did not make Shahbaz Sharif party president after his disqualification.

“They themselves are the biggest conspiracy against democracy,” he maintained. He claimed that Shahbaz Sharif could not dare say anything in his own party and the circumstances indicated that Shahid Khaqan Abbasi would lead both the party and the country.

He claimed that Ishaq Dar was not allowed to sit in a meeting with American Foreign Secretary, adding that Dar had practically quit finance ministry. “Mr Abbasi is looking for a new finance minister,” he added. He stressed upon the masses to come out to save Pakistan, saying many politicians were ready to flee from the country.

He said that strong evidences were received from Dubai and England which unearthed new assets and properties. He claimed that the PML-N would dissolve after the decision of Hudaibia case.

He claimed that Maryam Nawaz was preparing to contest election from NA-120. He added that Maryam was responsible for the political decline of Nawaz Sharif. To a query, he said that the turncoats did not need a sign from the umpire rather they themselves were fond of defections.

He said that the number of National Assembly seats would rise to 320 from 272 after receipt of census record in coming June. He said that the election without new delimitation of constituencies would be unconstitutional, adding that he would distribute niyaz if the elections were held in 2018.

Answering another question, he said that the electoral reforms regarding making a disqualified person party president was insult of five honourable judges and this amendment would whither away in just one blow. He said that the accountability should be across the board and all including politicians should be held accountable.

He said that the disqualified prime minister brought disrespect to the country and it appeared as if Sharif family’s shrouds have pockets.

He said that he had suggested with Imran Khan to make a big alliance with political and religious parties.

“I have coined the idea. Let’s see what somes out,” he added. He said that Pak-US relations always witnessed ups and downs and the nation did not need to get sentimental on this issue. To another question on disqualification of Imran Khan and Jahangir Tarin, he asked journalists it would be better not to get his comments on this issue. He said that the NAB chairman had taken a good start but he needed to do a lot more.