LAHORE -  Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said prosperous and stable Pakistan is his cherished goal and public service which is a form of worship is the mission of his life.

Talking to the elected representatives who called on him here yesterday, the chief minister said resources are a sacred trust of the people, which are being utilised for their welfare and prosperity. “It is a matter of satisfaction that the people from across the province are equally benefiting from the completion of development projects. The development schemes of the Punjab government are an example of quality and transparency and a new history has been written by saving billions of rupees while completing them,” the CM asserted. A network of development projects has been spread across the province and the people from south Punjab have been given preference in all the mega projects, he added.

The chief minister said different mega projects of public interest have been designed to bridge the divide between the poor and the rich. Layman has been returned his right through these projects; however, a handful of the ruling elite are objecting to the projects aimed at providing quality facilities to the ordinary people without any reason. He said metro bus projects are meant for the common people as lakhs of commuters are reaching their destinations in a shorter period of time by travelling in metro buses in Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi-Islamabad. The metro buses are a respectable source of journey for the ordinary people, he averred, adding after this bus service, the people will also enjoy best travelling facilities through Orange Line train.

The chief minister said it is a matter of satisfaction that the critics of the metro bus are now pursuing such projects themselves. The people cannot be served through slogans and hollow claims while the elements involved in the politics of baseless allegations have not given anything to the people. Some political elements have left no stone unturned to ruin the journey of development and prosperity, adding the sit-in group was foremost amongst them. The projects of public welfare were attacked through sit-in and lockdown, but with the grace of Almighty Allah and the support of the people, those who staged sit-in remained unsuccessful in their designs and their anti-people policies have been fully exposed, adding these politicians are altogether lacking the passion of public service. “Selfless service of the people is my mission and this mission will continue till my last breath,” concluded the chief minister.

The MNAs who called on the chief minister included Sheikh Rohail Asghar, Rana Muhammad Afzal Khan and Dr Hafeez-ur-Rehman Dareshak.