SHARAQPUR - Children started a cleanliness campaign here from the platform of Women and Children Welfare Foundation (WCWF). Holding brooms in their hands to highlight importance of cleanliness, children took to streets on Tuesday and visited all the government offices, markets and streets in Sharaqpur Sharif. In first stage, minor children visited the assistant commissioner’s office, municipal committee office, police station and many other offices and public places. They were being supervised by WCWF President Jamshed Malik and Chairperson Shakeela Bano. MC Chairman Mian Imran Ali Ashraf and chief officer Sajid Musharraf also participated in the campaign and admired the efforts of the WCWF members and little children.

On the occasion, the WCWF president and chairperson Said highlighted the importance of cleanliness in houses, kitchens, washrooms, streets, localities and cities. They said people can prevent avoid diseases by maintaining a clean environment. “We have to save our environment from pollution so that every person in Pakistan could lead a healthy life,” they pointed out.