GN LOS ANGELES - The 43-year-old actor has been showered with praise for his directorial debut ‘A Star is Born’ - in which he also stars - and his model girlfriend is delighted he’s being tipped for Oscar success with the movie. Asked if she’s proud of her partner, she said: ‘’Of course I am!’’

The 32-year-old beauty is being kept busy with her own career and raising her and Bradley’s 19-month-old daughter, Lea, and though she has a lot to fit in to her days, she insists she can manage ‘’everything’’ because she’s so passionate about what she does.

She told ‘Extra’: ‘’I think if you love your work and, you know, you can find time for everything and, you know, I found myself to find time for everything.

‘’If you love to do something, you can manage everything nowadays. We can see many women who are working moms and doing tons of stuff.’’

Irina was Sports Illustrated magazine’s first Russian cover girl in 2011 and has posed for a number of photoshoots for the publication in the past - and is hopeful she’ll make the front page again in the future. She admitted: ‘’I love Sports Illustrated... Maybe one day. I thought after 10 years I just clear the space for a new generation... Maybe one day.’’

As well as modelling and raising her family, Irina has also been kept busy creating a capsule collection for Ellen Tracy and she was keen to make the line as affordable as possible because she loves a bargain.

She said of her designs: ‘’The main thing is something... where you feel comfortable, you don’t feel like you squeeze into something, you just feel yourself.

‘’The price range goes from $75-$150... I love to save money.’’