ISLAMABAD  -   The National Assembly Secretariat on Thursday auctioned six cars and a motorbike under austerity measures.

According to officials, the vehicles fetched Rs7.816 million in the auction took place in the parking area of the Parliament House on Wednesday.

This decision of selling surplus cars was taken on the directive of Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser.

Six used vehicles including a motor bike were spared for the auction.

The lot consisted one used old model Mercedes Benz, used four Toyota Corollas, one Suzuki Bolan and one motorbike Honda CG-125.

The reserved price of vehicles was Rs4.774 million, whereas the vehicles sold out at price of Rs7.816 million, which was Rs3.041 million higher than the reserved price.

The successful bidders will also have to deposit 10 per cent withholding tax after which the actual value of the vehicles will be Rs8.597. A large number of bidders participated in the auction event, said a press release issued here Thursday.