Turbat is an underdeveloped city of Balochistan province of Pakistan. It has been developing in regard of roads, street lights, marketing system and many more, but unfortunately, it is too backward in educational aspect.

Education is the right of every citizen of the state. According to article 25-A of Pakistan’s 1973 constitution, state should provide free and compulsory quality education to children of age group 5 to 16. But government seems failed to implement on its own words in Turbat city. And also for having high quality education, internet is essential, especially for university students. But the students of Turbat have been facing numerous of problems because of the absence of 4G mobile internet in the city.

Though the students of the city complained about it to different governmental officials, but because of laziness of our government, their appeals could not reach to the higher commands. So, the newly elected Chief Minister of Balochistan Mr. Jam Kamal is requested to bring reforms in the education system of the concerned city and sort out the mentioned issues as soon as possible.


Turbat, October 15.