It hurts me to mention that a devastating act was done by levis in Nalent district Gwadar. Due to firing of police a young man lost their live who was a track driver coming Karachi to Turbat. But unfortunately, no one casualties were reported. Actually levis wanted to take extra taxes from driver but he refused to give extra money. He was the only person of his family, he worked very hard to fulfill the basic necessities of his family. On the other hand, police is creating countless difficulties to the people and throwing throne on them. Recently in Kasak Turbat police force has completely injured a driver such cases are happening every day in our country. Levis and police are made to help the citizens of the country but unfortunately in place protecting the lives of poor, they are killing them without any reason. It is the responsibility of government to take a strict step against these criminals cops who are the violator of human rights.