While the nation grapples with divisive, political issues - preparing for the impending march on the capital by the opposition, and collectively worrying about the sudden downturn in the health of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif - equally important actions are being taken in the background.

The government, quietly and without any explanation whatsoever, sacked the entire prosecution team engaged by the previous Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) government to prosecute former president retired General Pervez Musharraf in the high treason case for abrogating and subverting the Constitution by proclaiming emergency in the country. The sudden move surprised even Dr Tariq Hassan, head of the prosecution, who learnt of the development once the deed has been done.

More surprising than that cloak and dagger approach of the government is the timing; why now? The trial was close to its logical end; all the evidence had been laid before the court, the prosecution had submitted written arguments to the court as well and there was not much left at this stage; only concluding statements. There is nothing in the performance of the prosecution team that would merit a wholesale dismissal, and even if there was need for improvement the new men in charge cannot do much, the vast majority of the groundwork had already been laid. With the Supreme Court having directed the special court to proceed against General Musharraf - who has been absconding from the law since 2016 - as it was empowered to do so even in his absence, the case was almost complete.

All of which makes it impossible to explain why the government would do this.

The court has directed the government to furnish a reply regarding this sudden dismissal, and soon enough we will hear the ostensible reason. In the meanwhile we can wait as the Musharraf treason trial faces another long delay.