Fazal-ul-Rehman  was elected to the ational Assembly in 1988 from Dera Ismail Khan. His first political venture was a fatwa against a female head of government in a Muslim country. The year was tumultuous, while there was relief in getting rid of the tyrant his two leftovers (Nawaz, Fazal) had to be dealt with. Incidentally both names have close meanings (Nawaz – to give, Fazal – to reward). So it is all about giving and rewards. There is a famous Punjabi proverb, in which a smart blind man only gave and rewarded, his own family. Both have been true to their names. ‘Nawaz’ has been disqualified by the Supreme Court, in order to cleanse the Zia stables it is time to deal with ‘Fazal’ as we will be better off without these givings and rewards.

It is alleged that Benazir Bhutto had to win over the Fazal of the Maulana by doling out favours that included ‘Diesel Permits’ and Chairmanship of the Foreign Affairs committee. Since then the ‘Fazals’ have been un-ending. The Maulana lost the 1990 elections, got elected in 1993 and became Chairman of the Kashmir Committee with the status of a Federal Minister which then continued. He lost the 1997 election but won again in 2002, 2008,2013. In 2018 he tasted defeat again. From 2004 to 2007 he remained leader of the opposition. During this period it was reported that he requested the US ambassador to help him in becoming the Prime Minister (PM)

Fazal’s father Maulana Mufti Mahmood remained Chief Minister of KPK (NWFP) in 1972 – 73 timeframe. He died in 1980 and remained a credible politician. As member of Jamiat-ulema-e-Islam (JUI-Hind) he was opposed to the creation of Pakistan. He contested the elections in 1970 in alliance with Wali Khan’s National Awami Party (NAP) against Qayyum Khan’s Muslim League and Bhutto’s People’s Party. He then headed the Pakistan National Alliance (PNA) and the movement that followed after the 1977 elections which resulted in Zia’s Martial law. Both father and son can be classified as ‘Democratic Disruptionists’ while people like Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan are remembered as ‘Democracy Facilitators’.

My exposure to activism came early. As a Muslim League child at the age of 5 years I stood with my father on the Mall in October 1958 to receive Qayyum Khan’s long march for democracy. Since then I have participated in all the marches. As an active participant in the ‘Lawyers Long March’ in 2007 we all owe an apology to the nation. The question of funding of the lawyers movement was raised several times but we were too charged to think about it. Little that we knew it was a PML-N show to topple the government of Pervez Musharraf. The black coats marched by abandoning the courts. The entire legal system came to a stand still yet the funds powered in till the chief justice of Pakistan (CJP) was restored. Later on it came to the fore that the reference against him was correct but grossly mishandled.

Imran’s march in August 2014 followed by dharna was led by duly elected and notified political leadership of the country. All of them submitted their resignations to the speaker. The marchers were fired upon in Gujranwala by the goons of PML-N, it was Javed Hashmi who recognized his old friends and saved the fellow marchers. As the march was moving very slowly I decided to go ahead on my own. The entrance to Islamabad through Kashmir Highway was closed I was asked to turn back. The GT Road was also blocked at Ayub Park, this was the first time that this main link of the country had been blocked.

As an experienced marcher I waited for my opportunity, an official car came for which the barrier was opened so I managed to pass through. Gojra entry was also blocked, I then tried the Westridge bridge it too was closed. Finally I called my brother who guided me to come through the Gojra village from where I reached his house in F-11 in Islamabad.

Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman is a political nonentity as he is not a member of the parliament. In October 2001 when he challenged to overthrow the government he was put under house arrest, finally to be released in March 2002. Elected members of PML-N and PPP have a right to protest within the house or first tender their resignations as was done by PTI members. One cannot have the cake and eat it to. A reference should be made for their disqualifications in case they do not resign.

No movement can succeed without funds. Like the lawyers movement this march has also been funded by PML-N, Fazal is only the frontman as the deposed CJP was in 2007. Pakistan needs political cleansing to move forward. Kaptaan has total clarity to cleanse the political arena for the sake of the motherland. Diesel is dirty fuel that is being replaced by CNG worldwide. As a clean Fuel expert I propose getting rid of diesel for all times to come. He has a religious card which should not be allowed to be misused. The movement led by his father used the slogan, ‘Nizam-e-Mustafa’ which was alleged that it was CIA funded. It damaged democracy and resulted in Zia’s dark ages. Now the son has taken upon himself to disrupt the rule of law and constitution which is funded by vested groups of status-quo. Like clean fuel Pakistan needs upright and honest leadership to emerge as an Asian Tiger, a position that is long overdue. Cleansing, cleansing and cleansing is the way forward, no one should be spared in this crusade.