Wasting water is one of the worst habits of every individual present in the world. Now in this modern area many people are seemed wasting water different kind of places like some are washing their cars and wasting more water even though with a little water they are wash their cars but not they switch on their motors and start wasting water. Day by day, an amount number of water is being wasted.

Mostly farmers give much water to their fields. During these works much water gets waste and we need to save water because according to scientists the world war three will be based on water because there will remain no water.

In fact, our holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) added that “Water is the half faith without water no one can be alive in this world for being alive we need to drink water.” But still we are wasting the water in the large number.

This is my plea to you all that save water and don’t let it be wasted and government of Balochistan must do something regarding this issue.